I find this to be a really interesting and important organization–and a super fun event! Real Men Cook is a charity organization encouraging men to take an active role in feeding their families and communities by cooking. There’s such a stigma to home cooking, that the kitchen is only the realm of the woman, that men are being discouraged to enjoy the preparation and cooking of food and the satisfaction you can have when you provide a meal for your family. (What’s so hypocritical is that, once you turn cooking into a profession, men overwhelmingly dominate the restaurants and kitchens in the high culinary world.) Personally, my dad was always kicked out of the kitchen as a child by his mother, who told him that men do not cook. (And because his sister never wanted to learn how to cook, most of my grandmother’s traditional Chinese recipes that existed only in her head died along with her. How sad.) He’s never had any formal training, but I’ve always known him to be a great cook–and not just with a barbecue grill!–who loves preparing food. His “signature” dishes are chicken cordon bleu, homemade mashed potatoes, chicken curry, and beef stew 🙂

Every year on Father’s Day, the Real Men Cook organization holds a special event in Harlem to promote men in the kitchen. It’s an all-day outdoor event with an all-you-can-eat buffet, live entertainment, and free health screenings. The buffet alone, with all the food provided by male chefs and home cooks, is worth it for only $20 a head–and $10 for the kids, so it’s a perfect Father’s Day event! So take the trip uptown with your own dad for some delicious food, great entertainment, and a positive cause.

Real Men Cook
125th Street & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.