Come one, come all, to eat some delicious herring!

No, I’m not kidding.

Today is the start of the Grand Central Oyster Bar’s annual Herring Festival, a short period of time during the summer when the herring are at their freshest and tastiest. Herring, as you’d expect, live in the cold waters off of Scandinavia, and June is the best time of year for Holland Herring, caught off the coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea. Being ever the pinnacle of fresh, high-quality seafoods most of us wouldn’t normally eat, the Grand Central Oyster Bar air-ships in the first and best herring of the 2012 catch for discerning eaters and the fanciest of seafood foodies.

The Herring Festival will last less than three weeks, which is one of the shortest time spans to get the best of the best of any kind of food in New York. If you’re a herring fanatic, or just want to try something new (and make sure you’re trying the very best), the Herring Festival is definitely for you!

The Herring Festival
Grand Central Oyster Bar
Grand Central Station