So this is an…interesting food holiday, hahaha. The strangest thing I’ve discovered while looking at the master list of national food holidays is there are THREE whole days dedicated to different flavors of popsicles. Considering there’s only one day for kitchen staples like, milk, eggs, and coffee, it’s my humble opinion as a (now) expert of food holidays that this is a bit excessive. Let’s get more savory and international foods involved in food holidays, people! The popsicle has had its due!

But either way, today is Grape Popsicle Day, a food holiday that, the day before Memorial Day and with such nice weather as this, couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the perfect day to sit outside on your stoop (if you have one!), soaking up the pretty sunshine and listening to the sounds of your neighborhood while enjoying an ice-cold, bright purple popsicle. The interesting bit about the popsicle is that it was created by a child, by accident! In 1905, 11-year old Frank Epperson was mixing flavored soda (which came seperately back then) and left the cup of liquid outside overnight, where it froze. When he retrieved it the next day, he was surprised to see it had frozen to the stirring stick, and called his new discovery a popsicle. It took until 1924 for him to patent the idea and sell it along the Jersey Shore, and the next year he sold the patent for big bucks to the Unilever company, who owns the “popsicle” name and has made it the summer treat powerhouse that it is today.

You can pick up a box of frozen grape popsicles from the grocery store today, or you can head over to Chelsea to check out one of the fads that’s sweeping the warmed streets of the city. (I’m calling it right now, popsicles are this year’s macaron.) People’s Pops has become a huge sensation all throughout the year for their interesting, unconventional flavors and natural ingredients used in each pop. They’re a bit expensive at $3.50 per pop, but you get a real gourmet experience in a package you never thought would have the word “gourmet” attached to it. Try their white concord grape popsicle or shaved ice flavor: it may not stain your lips and tongue purple like a grape popsicle should, but you won’t mind at all when you get the full flavor of the real concord grapes, embedded right into the pop. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a walk along the High Line, watching the sunset, the Hudson River, and the sailors from Fleet Week 😉

People’s Pops
425 W 15th St

Some reviews from

“Never had a popsicle at People’s Pops, but I’ve had the shave ice a lot. Lemon was dynamite. Concord grape was delicious. I can’t wait to go again.”–Dave B.

“Augh, what a FAAABULOUS idea! The flavors are so intriguing (red plum?? white concord grape?? watermelon and mint???) and just as you take a bite, you can taste all the little bits of fruit just loaded in that little frozen bar on a stick. It tastes amaaaazing.”–Ann L.


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