This isn’t a national food holiday, but it is something for New Yorkers to celebrate! Today is Junior’s Restaurant Day, a day celebrating that famous cheesecake heaven in downtown Brooklyn. Although it feels like the restaurant has been around since forever, it’s only been in operation in Brooklyn since 1929, when Harry Rosen opened the restaurant and named it after his two sons in 1950. Since then it’s been a staple of Brooklyn cuisine, a place that exemplifies the food and the spirit of Brooklyn: simple, inexpensive dining, no frills or fanciness, but some damn good flavors and a hearty dessert while you’re at it. The food at Junior’s has never been anything to write home about, but their cheesecakes–made “New York” style with cream cheese–are world famous. In 1982, Governor Mario Cuomo declared today, May 27, as Junior’s Restaurant Day.

So whether you go to the original down on Fulton Street, or the new locations in Times Square or Grand Central Station, hit up Junior’s Restaurant today and celebrate their very special day with them–even if you just order a slice of cheesecake!