*snicker* I’m going to try to get through this national food holiday post without being overtly lewd over the appearance, consistency, and (if it’s made badly) the taste of vanilla pudding. This may be an incredible feat for me, we shall see. 😛

Pudding has deep, ancient roots that go all the way back to the egg custards invented in ancient Rome and the savory puddings made in medieval Europe. Although many other countries in the world still eat savory puddings, here in the United States it’s become customary to make puddings into a sweet dessert component, and it consists of a mix between the Roman and medieval recipes. (Or, if you’re getting it out of a My-T-Fine box, it has nothing to do with any of those ancient recipes, ha.) Vanilla pudding is one of the more popular flavors and can be found in any number of variations, including tapioca, rice, arrowroot, and cornstarch pudding. Instant pudding (or even the slow-cooked varieties!) are fun and easy to make: I remember always making the ones you cook on the stove with my mom as a kid, then doling out the pudding into little ramekins which we then put in the freezer to quick cool–only enough to get that delicious pudding skin on top! It came out as cold, refreshing ramekins, the thin pudding skin, and warm (not boiling hot!) pudding underneath. It’s why I prefer getting the pudding mixes you have to cook (like My-T-Fine! My favorite!) over the instants like Jell-O where you just have to put them in the fridge. That’s not pudding, that’s just some gelatinous food substance that acts like pudding.

Get some real vanilla pudding at–where else?–a restaurant that only makes pudding, so you know they’ve mastered their recipe. And what else would you name a place that serves only pudding than…Puddin’? It’s so simple and to the point that it’s brilliant. Puddin’ makes every flavor you can imagine, with tons of gourmet toppings, both traditional (chocolate fudge, whipped cream) and nouveau (coconut lime cake, brownie bits). Their vanilla pudding is made with real vanilla bean, so you know that the true vanilla flavor just pops out at you in ways Jell-O boxes never can provide. Even though it’s the end of May, you can still try their signature pudding ‘Tis The Season, consisting of vanilla pudding, maple-toasted granola, and seasonal fresh fruit. If they ask why you’re getting a holiday-themed pudding when it’s so close to summer, just tell them you are celebrating a holiday–National Vanilla Pudding Day!

102 St Marks Pl (between Avenue A & 1st Ave)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Okay, so I’ve been going back SOO many times it’s not even funny. So, I’ve tried- vanilla/ coconut/ chocolate/ lemon drop/ banana puddings at PUDDIN’. I’ve always gotten the Parfait which has some toppings with the pudding (personally, couldn’t handle PURE pudding because I like texture in my food). My fav is so far tis the season (with vanilla).”–R. Y.

“My friend and I tried the vanilla pudding and the chocolate pudding. It was DELICIOUS! I’d go so far to say amazing. The vanilla pudding had more of a gritty texture rather than a smooth silky texture like the chocolate pudding. I’m not sure if this was a mistake or not, but either way I really liked it.”–Emily I.


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