Is there anything that tastes as sinfully delicious as Devil’s Food Cake? 😉 Today we celebrate the super-rich, chocolatey layer cake that’s had quite a varied and interesting past. Did you know that when the first recipe for Devil’s Food Cake was published, it called not for chocolate as the dark, rich ingredient, but shredded beets? I know, you’re thinking, who the hell would eat beets in a cake?! But beets have the highest sugar content in any vegetable (carrots, the main ingredient in the super popular carrot cake, are the second) and originally gave the devil’s food cake its dark red appearance. It also makes for a super moist cake, allowing for other ingredients to be used as substitutes to traditional cakes, like hot water instead of milk, and cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate. All of these little changes make for big differences when baking the cake, and it comes out moist and rich, yet airy, and super sweet. All of those factors–especially the dark red coloring–give the Devil’s Food Cake its name 😉

You can’t find a lot of bakeries that will make the devil’s food cake with the original shredded beets, but you can certainly find a lot of places around the city that make a mean version, now with a hint of food coloring and lots and lots of chocolate. Amy’s Bread, known for their exceptional baked goods and sweets, makes their Definitely Devil’s Food Cake in both regular cake and cupcake forms, great for any foodie looking to celebrate this national food holiday in the store or on the go. The lovely, dense chocolate cake is topped with rich chocolate frosting, a perfect one-two punch of chocolately flavor that makes this cake one of the tops in the city. If you’ve got an itch to try this one in the kitchen (because not every New Yorker restricts themselves to only eating out all the time!), the signature recipe for this cake can be found in Amy’s Bread’s cookbook, The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread, which is full of recipes for their cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. If you get it to taste just like theirs in the store, let me know–and I’ll be right over!

Amy’s Bread
672 9th Ave (between 46th St & 47th St)

“For chocolate lovers only; a double layer of moist and tender, bittersweet chocolate cake; generously frosted with our favorite, decadent chocolate silk.”–Amy’s

“When was the last time you ordered a piece of chocolate cake, and it didn’t come moussed, fudged, and coffeed—so repulsively rich you could barely make a dent? AMY’S BREAD café has come up with the kind of devil’s food cake (chocolate cake, chocolate frosting) that angelic moms used to make: uncomplicated, deeply chocolatey, and eminently edible.”–Village Voice

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“Devil’s Food Cupcake — wickedly fudgy, smooth, deep chocolate frosting (akin to a ganache) on top of a dense moist dark chocolate cake that is blessedly not to sweet. Definitely indulgent but the tinge of bitterness that is so reminiscent of good dark chocolate saves you from feeling like you ate a sugar bomb.”–Tiffany Y.

“And cupcakes don’t excite me the least bit but everytime I’m on a no-carbs, no-sugar diet (happens a lot, just can’t commit) and break it by having a glass of wine which goes straight to the head I run to Amy’s for the devil’s food chocolate cupcake. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness that doesn’t make me gag like other cupcakes. And it especially hits the spot THAT time of the month.”–Mari H.


Everyone and their cousin knows that Junior’s in Downtown Brooklyn makes one of the most iconic cakes in all of New York City: the New York style cheesecake. Love it or hate it, it’s been around for over seventy years, and with other locations in Times Square, Foxwoods Casino, and Grand Central, it’s not going anywhere. You certainly wouldn’t think I’d be talking about the cheesecake king on National Devil’s Food Cake day…but you’d be surprised to know that they make a Devil’s Food Cheesecake variety as well! Their classic cheesecake is layered with chocolate ganache and devil’s food cake, and chocolate chips are sprinkled on the top of the cake. It’s a rich, decadent cake for those who don’t believe it’s dessert until there’s chocolate on the plate. Being a tried-and-true Brooklyn girl, I will probably sing the praises of Junior’s cheesecakes, all of their varieties, as often as I can on this blog (there are a lot of cheesecake food holidays!), so this is the start of a long line. Get ready for lots of Junior’s love 😉

386 Flatbush Ave (between Dekalb Ave & Debevoise Pl)

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“So since we were already stuffed we went to Juniors just for the Cheesecake. I got the Devils Food Cheesecake and it was PHENOMENAL! I have seriously never tasted anything like that before in my entire life. As a staunch “Chocoholic” I had to order the Devil’s food cheesecake and it was nothing short of a mind-blowing experience. The slice was HUGE, and was a really good deal for the quality and price that you pay. The devils food chocolate cake and fudge was sweet but not overtly sweet. You can definitely taste the quality o f the chocolate. And the cheesecake tasted so legitimate. It was soft , creamy, and velvety. Pair cheesecake with chocolate devil’s food and you have yourself a winning combination!”–Lex D.

“Let me start by saying that cheese and cake are two of my most treasured foods in life besides meat. When I went to junior’s and ordered the devil’s food cheesecake and took my first bite I could have left and died a happy little girl. I can’t say much for the plain cheesecake but the devil’s food cheesecake is a little slice of paradise.”–Sarah M.


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