I love to make cherry cobbler! Around this time of year cherries in every variety tend to be on sale at the grocery store for super cheap, so I buy a big bag and have fantastical dreams of eating sun-sweetened cherries all day long. Of course, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and even when I have my full of eating them plain, I get stuck with a crapload of cherries to unload. The best thing I do with them? Make cherry cobbler! Cobbler is one of my favorite baked goods to make because it doesn’t have to be an exact science, like many other baked good recipes. If you add a little too much butter or not enough flour to the dough mixture, it’s not going to kill your cobbler. I also love that there’s no baking soda or powder involved, so a cobbler doesn’t “rise” like a cake or a sweet bread would. Plus the whole historical point of a cobbler is to take leftover ingredients and make something messy and delicious–and that’s what I specialize in in the kitchen 😀

Because of all of these factors, cherry cobbler isn’t the most glamorous dessert to make, and is more often found in home kitchens than served at high-end restaurants. But Rose Water restaurant in Park Slope would beg to differ: cherry cobbler can be a quality restaurant dessert and still feel like home. They offer a number of fruit cobblers, including blueberry and cherry, and make them all fresh every day. Served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, these cobblers make patrons feel right at home with this warm, comforting dessert with just the slightest hint of a crunch to the crust. Added to the cozy decor in this Brooklyn hidden gem and you’ll hardly believe you’re in busy New York City at all!

Rose Water Restaurant
787 Union St (between 5th Ave & 6th Ave)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“My favorite thing about Rose Water is the extensive wine menu and our waiter’s help to pick out a wine that we would both like. There were a number of good dessert options as well but I highly recommend the cherry cobbler, which was freshly baked and served right out of the oven. I cannot wait to go back to this place!”–Nathalie H.

“My swordfish comes. Beautiful presentation. Lots of colors. I cut my swordfish, soak and mix with the corn, squash and goddess. Place it all in my mouth and I melt. Willie Wonka, please shrink me so that I may swim in this plate full of tastiness. I wipe the plate clean. I finish the Rosé. I order the cherry cobbler for dessert, which comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I can’t finish it all but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. I am just full. I am having a swordfish/cobbler baby.”–Illeana S.


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