Is there anything that tastes as good as a homemade buttermilk biscuit? I’ve never tried to make them myself before, but just from looking at the ingredients, the labor, and the equipment specifically designed just to make biscuits, it’s something I honor and revere, a sacred baked good. So when someone makes them expertly and they come out exactly the way they should–fluffy and light, buttery and just melt-in-your-mouth good–it’s definitely something to celebrate. And while I’m sure National Buttermilk Biscuits Day would be better celebrated down south, where the making of biscuits seems to be hard-wired into every home cook’s DNA, New York City’s biscuits are absolutely nothing to complain about. Forget about that frozen tube of Pillsbury you have in the freezer and head out to find these gems!

If you’ve got a food craving that just screams good ol’ country kitchen cooking, then there’s almost no better place in all New York City to get it than the Clinton Street Baking Company. Try to resist the massively popular blueberry pancakes and order up their buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwiches. You might think of a meal with “Mc” in the title when you hear “buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich,” but know that the organic, free-range, quality kitchen at Clinton Street is so far removed from fast breakfast food you’ll insist those other biscuits come from a different planet. The homemade buttermilk biscuits are complemented by the excellent goodies sandwiched inside: maple bacon, cheddar cheese, soft-scrambled eggs, and a homemade tomato jam all cooked fresh to order, makes for a hearty breakfast you can’t get enough of. And if anyone looks at you funny for not ordering the pancakes, just smile at them with a mouthful of fluffy, buttery biscuit, because they have no idea what they’re missing.

Clinton Street Baking Co.
4 Clinton St (between Avenue B & Houston St)

“What originally put Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant on the map was its impeccable brunch line-up, from its signature blueberry pancakes to its mouthwatering buttermilk biscuit sandwich with scrambled eggs, melted cheddar, and tomato jam.”–New York Magazine

“Crispy bacon, bubbly melted farmhouse cheddar, soft-scrambled eggs, a flaky, buttery biscuit; the breakfast sandwich ($11.50) at Clinton Street Baking Company gets all the basics right, and then it’s made even better by a tangy homemade tomato jam. Even if it’s old news, it’s still a mighty fine breakfast sandwich.”–Serious Eats

“The slightly Southern-fried menu at this youthful Lower East Side hot spot offers a free-range, organic take on all the classic brunch dishes: blueberry or banana walnut pancakes, buttermilk biscuit sandwich, eggs benedict, truffle-fried eggs with asparagus. Prices are reasonable and, conveniently, the same menu is served for breakfast on weekdays, without the lines.”–CBS New York

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“We also ordered the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich with bacon, and it was delish too. The homeade tomato jam added a good flavor to it and the sugar cured bacon was a good sweet and savory combo.”–Kymberli C.

“The biscuit sandwich was equally delicious. Best buttermilk biscuit I ever sank my teeth into. That thing was the perfect combination of flaky, buttery, and crumbly goodness. The eggs, tomato jam, and cheese make this the best tasting breakfast sandwich ever.”–Lori K.


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