“Nutty fudge” is a strange way to describe the simple delicacy of fudge made with bits of nuts in it, but hey, I guess you get what you see! We all think of fudge as those gooey bars of dense, chewy chocolate, but really, fudge has nothing to do with chocolate! Fudge itself is sugar, butter, and milk heated to 240 degrees and then cooled slowly to create a smooth, creamy consistency. This is why you can have so many different flavorings of fudge: added cocoa powder makes chocolate fudge, or heated sugar makes caramel fudge. And a sprinkle of crushed walnuts or almonds makes it nutty fudge!

Not too many stores in New York City sell full-on fudge, let alone nutty fudge, but they do have an ingredient that has nothing to do with the direct definition of “fudge” at all: hot chocolate fudge. A staple in the ice cream industry, hot fudge does include the base ingredients of chocolate fudge–chocolate, milk, sugar, and butter–but the preparation standards for fudge don’t apply, allowing you to make the fudge into a smooth, creamy sauce to pour over cold ice cream. There’s absolutely nothing like a hot fudge sundae, especially on a warm May day. If you’re jonesing for some hot chocolate fudge now, go to Greenpoint and look for Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, for their homemade, earthy flavors, and high-quality sundae fixins. They specialize in the hot fudge sundae, complete with fresh homemade hot fudge and whole walnuts sprinkled onto the top. It may not be nutty fudge by definition, but it definitely fits the bill on flavor–and you can add the sweet, creamy taste of ice cream and the tartness of a maraschino cherry on top to it, too!

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
632 Manhattan Ave (between Nassau Ave & Bedford Ave), Greenpoint


“Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream only uses the finest quality ingredients available, so don’t expect them to scrimp on their sundaes. Luscious Michel Cluizel hot fudge smothers their creamy ice cream before being topped with whole walnuts and homemade whipped cream and a sour cherry. It’s a sundae even the organic mom can approve of.”–CBS.com

“Mostly, the care pays off: chocolate is both smooth and suavely bittersweet; ginger is creamy but with spicy, chewy nubbins of candied ginger; mint chip striped and swirled, with just the right bite of peppermint (Oregon organic, of course). The Van Leeuwen espresso sundae, topped with Michel Cluizel cocoa nibs, dark fudge sauce and whipped cream — maybe a few walnuts — is a must-have dessert.”–The New York Times

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Name me a better ice cream place / vendor. Not the same quality (Sundaes and Cones, Emack and Bolio), I said “better”. That’s right, you can’t – Van Leeuwen IS “Woohoo! As good as it gets!””–Thom H.

“My favorite way to enjoy Van Leeuwen is in a sundae; they have amazing hot fudge and put whole walnuts, house-made sour cherries, and home made whipped cream on top. All of that comes served in a compostable cup with a compostable spoon (way to be eco-conscious, Van Leeuwen).”–Erica J.


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