I think I might prefer butterscotch brownies to actual chocolate brownies. Even though I may be branded as an “old soul” (old people love butterscotch! It’s just a fact!) I’m a huge fan of butterscotch, that stems all the way back as a kid when I would get Werther’s candies as a treat. So butterscotch brownies–which are just like chocolate brownies, except butterscotch chips are used instead of chocolate chips or cocoa powder–are right up my alley: they’re super sweet, chewy, and moist. Sometimes they are called “blondies” while others reserve that name solely for chocolate brownies using white chocolate instead of dark (thus the chocolate brownie being “blond” instead of brown). What would a butterscotch brownie be, then? Tannie? 😛

While I usually like to showcase at least one brick and mortar restaurant or store for each national food holiday, today is, hands down, owned by a food truck. No one makes a better butterscotch brownie–and very nearly any home-baked dessert–than Kim Ima, the now famed owner of the Treats Truck. This food truck has driven its way into New York foodies’ hearts by offering simple, delicious treats and baked goods, all made by Ima with hard work and love. Her butterscotch brownie certainly lives up to its name: sweet and buttery, the brownie is all at once masterful and simple, something you feel your grandmother would’ve whipped up on a May evening, or something you’d find at a PTA bake sale (if they no longer outlawed unapproved foods sold on school premises). Ima adds walnuts to the brownies for extra crunch and flavor, the buttery nuttiness of walnuts (ha, I’m totally going to use that fun description more often) perfectly complementing butterscotch. Go to her website or follow her Twitter to find out where the Treats Truck will be in town today so you can grab yourself one!

The Treats Truck

“This butterscotch brownie, on the other hand, made me remember how much I love butterscotch. The recipe, which I might otherwise have discounted as cloying, was so smooth and buttery as to render me speechless. The walnuts balanced the rest perfectly with a slight nutty crunch.”–Serious Eats

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“The butterscotch brownie is to die for. The Rice Krispy treats are better than my grandma’s. If you tell her, I will emasculate you. The nice lady at the truck gave me and my girl plenty of samples and we made our choices based on those. One dollar per cookie is not bad at all. Needless to say, I flew back to Texas with a toothache. Coincidence, maybe. Enough to keep me away, hell no.”–Mickey A.

“The butterscotch brownie was the best brownie ive ever had period. The nice young lady running the truck gave us samples of all the brownies offered to help make up our minds! They change their locations daily so check out their website or follow them on twitter for their up to date spots!”–Michael L.


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