Man, just thinking about writing up today’s national food holiday is making my mouth water! Chocolate custard is a lot like chocolate pudding–in fact it is a type of pudding–but it differs in that “custard” by definition is made up of milk and eggs, slowly brought to 175 degrees either in a double boiler or an oven water bath. Whereas puddings can be made with a number of ingredients, it’s the eggs that make a custard so creamy and rich, and also make it so difficult to bake: if the delicate custard isn’t brought up to the right temperature slow enough, and without enough care, the egg will curdle and you’ll have a stinky, chocolatey, eggy mess. But if it’s made right? You have a delicious dessert that’s both rich and light, full of a depth of flavor you can only get through softly cooked eggs, yet soft and fluffy, almost like a whipped pudding. That’s why I got so hungry over just thinking about chocolate custard!

And one of the perfect chocolate custard desserts in the city can be had at the Fig & Olive. Their chocolate pot de creme is just a fancy way of saying you’ve got a big pot of chocolate custard on your plate. It’s complemented by vanilla cream on top and a crispy praline financier–the airiness of the vanilla cream and the crunchy financier help balance out the textures of the dessert, so you don’t feel like you’re just eating mushy custard for $10 (though it wouldn’t be past me to do that exact thing!) It also helps the pot de creme feel less heavy–while it is just a pudding dessert, chocolate egg custard has a tendency to slow down your spoon faster than simply a milk-based pudding. It’s just the right amount of fluffy, rich, and sweet, and a perfect way to finish up all the margaritas and Coronas you’re sure to indulge in on this Cinco de Mayo šŸ˜‰

Fig & Olive
420 W 13th St (between 9th Ave & Washington St)

Some reviews from

“The chocolate pot de creme was heaven in a bowl. A chocolate moose topped with light creme on top and a piece of crunch on the side. WOW. The creme was a perfect supplement to the sweet, chocolatey amazingness and in my opinion, what made the entire dessert so good. Without the creme, it would have just been a chocolate moose, which is too much sweet at once.”–Ali R.

“for desert we ordered the chocolate pot de creme with praline financiers to share. this desert hit the chocolate spot. it was thick and rich with just the right amount of vanilla creme coating each bite. and the praline cookie along with it sent it to the next level of deliciousness.”–Peejay P.


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