Don’t you just hate it when you have a plan all set out, but something goes wrong and you have to start all from scratch? It happens a lot in cooking and baking, but for today, it happened with picking out a restaurant for National Pigs In A Blanket Day. Stupid restaurants closing for health violations…

Anyway. I’ve got to get to the national food holiday of today, because regardless of the bumps in the road I had upon getting here, I love this food all the same. And anyone who has gone to a buffet or had catered food probably feels the same! The American version of pigs in a blanket differs from other countries: here, they consist of tiny little cocktail weenies sometimes stuffed with cheese, wrapped in puff pastry, and baked. They’re the perfect cocktail food, one you can totally eat with one hand while nursing a black-tie-optional glass of cheap champagne in the other. The fact that these little dudes are bite-sized makes it easy to eat multiple pigs (quite literally “pigging out” on pigs!) And since the majority of frankfurters used to make pigs in a blanket are actually made of beef, they become the closest thing many Kosher Jews get to eating a pig!

I had a super cool restaurant all lined up for this national food day, but then it up and closed on me. 😦 But I did find the next best thing down on Broome Street: Brinkley’s Pub carries all the best bar and comfort foods you can ask for, but with a gourmet flair. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill pigs in a blanket served here: Brinkley’s uses spicy Italian sausage instead of plain frankfurters, and fresh puff pastry dough instead of frozen. The result is a spicy, tasty pig wrapped in a fresh blanket: a snack that you can genuinely look forward to eating, an appetizer that is actually appetizing. It pairs best with the rest of Brinkley’s high-end pub dishes, like the French fries cooked in duck fat and the macaroni & cheese with truffle butter. And don’t forget to get something to wash it all down: Brinkley’s offers lots of local brews on tap in their bar, and you definitely won’t be feeling thirsty after you order a “growler,” a 64-ounce behemoth of a glass. Get me into this bar for a growler and their delicious snacks and you might have to roll me out the front door!

406 Broome St (between Cleveland Pl & Centre St)

“For the late night foodie, with your growler in tow of course, try the thick cut fries ($10) cooked in duck fat and showered in parmesan cheese. Pigs in a blanket ($9), gooey mac and cheese with Italian fontina ($11) and wild mushroom gnocchi with fine herbs ($17) are just some of the treats from the “Plates” section of the menu.”–Club Planet

“The wine list hails exclusively from New York State, which earns points for locavorism, but, unfortunately, New York State isn’t well-known for their wineries for a reason. You’re safer with drafts on tap or an expertly shaken cocktail. Food is of the comfort variety: pigs in a blanket, mac ‘n’ cheese, and chicken potpie spiced up with some Indian curry. Asian twists also make a few appearances in scallion pancakes and brisket sliders with kimchi. Save room for beignets, which come with salted caramel gelato.”–Gayot

Some reviews from

“Excellent place to have a drink and some awesome wholesome food. Between beers, belinies, pigs in a blanket, brie and spinach fondue and a garlic dip we were completely taken by the friendly fast services and a very very amazing staff.”–Lena F.

“The Pigs in a Blanket at $10.00 for dinner menu under Bites comes in a artisanal sausage selection in pastry served with mustard, amid no miserly in portion size.”–Tina C.


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