See, there was a reason I wanted to highlight Lima Bean Respect Day yesterday: I said we don’t get enough national food holidays dedicated to savory foods, and today just proves that fact. I mean, we don’t have a day for tomatoes, beef stew, or chicken salad, but chocolate-covered cashew truffle day is a national holiday. 😛 This very specific food holiday celebrates the cashew truffle, not dissimilar to the peanut clusters we celebrated on March 8. Cashews are a higher-end nut than peanuts, and the inclusion of the word “truffle” instead of “cluster” implies that this day is for a classier kind of confection, the crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth truffle a higher level of bonbon than the gooey cluster. I’m a little irritated that there is so little variation in some of these national food holidays, but considering this day is telling you to eat something covered in chocolate, I can’t really complain!

If you’re not looking to head back to a bulk candy store for some cashew truffles, but still want that nutty, chocolatey taste for today, try a deconstructed chocolate-covered cashew truffle! In a sense 😛 Rouge Et Blanc on MacDougal Street offers a dessert with all the same flavor profiles as a chocolate cashew truffle in a rich, decadent chocolate cake. A gâteau au chocolat, even. Their chocolate cake includes a perfect blend of molten chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, sage oil, and homemade cashew ice cream. You wouldn’t think that sage oil (and the fried sage leaves that go along with it!) would work in such a dessert, or any dessert for that matter, but the herby flavor of the oil really complements the richness of the chocolate. And the cashew ice cream gives the dessert a cool, nutty flavor that goes over well with all of their patrons. Even if you’re not into French food, stop by Rouge Et Blanc just for this cake and a glass of dessert wine, you definitely will not be disappointed.

Rouge Et Blanc
48 Macdougal St

Some reviews from

“Gâteau au Chocolat: I LOVED THIS. My favourite by far!! Everything was paired perfectly to each other. The gâteau was rich and delicious, the malt chocolate was light and airy, the sage oil added a unique accent, and the cashew ice cream added a good amount of nuttiness to all the chocolate. Definitely save room for dessert!”–Aileen W.

“Gateau au chocolat with cashew ice cream and sage oil: Molten chocolate cake, lightly crispy meringue cookie, chocolate pudding, roasted cashew ice cream, crispy fried sage leaves, and flavorful, herbaceous sage oil – those are a lot of elements on a plate, but they worked wonderfully well together. The flavors were amazing, as were the combination of various textures.”–Velina L.

“Dessert was amazing, though – my friend and I had the Gâteau au Chocolat with Malt Chocolate, Roasted Cashew Ice Cream and Sage Oil, which sounds like an odd combination, but it was delicious. The ice cream was perfect – creamy but not too sweet, and the sage oil complimented the chocolate nicely.”–Jen T.


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