My boyfriend’s in love, and it’s not with me 😦 We went into Target the other day, whipping around the aisles to get some things for his new apartment, and I insisted we stop by the dollar section and waste some time (and inevitably buy many things for $1 that completely add up before you even notice!) Oh, how his eyes lit up when he reached the snacks section…his pupils dilating, tongue hanging open slovenly, lewdly, just at the sight of them. He…*sobs* he’s in love with animal crackers!

Definitely not the worst cookie to love, anyway 😛 (I ended up buying him the box, as well as a chocolate Cadbury egg, which gave him a happy nostalgic feeling.) Animal crackers are technically crackers because of how they are made (with layered dough), but are sweet and crumbly like a cookie. But most people who had animal crackers in their childhood agree, the lure of the Barnum’s box isn’t the taste of the cookie, but the presentation. Each cookie is pressed into the shape of a zoo or circus animal–there have been 54 varieties of animal found in each box since their creation in 1903! And the brightly-colored box advertising “Barnum’s Animals” makes them super recognizable and super collectible. And what’s best about National Animal Crackers Day is you can snack with the confidence that it’s a full-fledged New York City holiday: one of the early creators of Animal Crackers was the Holmes and Coutts Company right here in New York, one of the predecessors of Nabisco! Today, every box of cookies is manufactured right across the river in Fair Lawn, New Jersey–so the holiday is still local and still going strong 🙂

You can head to your local grocery store to pick up a box of animal crackers and gaily munch away today, or you can go to one of the blog’s favorite places for food innovation and fun. Momofuku Ko is another jewel in David Chang’s culinary crown, and definitely does not disappoint in his ever-present desire to make the delicious and extraordinary out of comforting, familiar flavors. This time, he’s come up with animal cracker-flavored ice cream, much like the cereal milk ice cream I highlighted on Milk Day. The sweet, nostalgic flavor of the animal cracker ice cream is paired with fizzy peach soda for a different and delightful ice cream soda combination. It’s definitely a refreshing treat for the balmy days we’ve been having lately. Even better would be to pick up an extra box of Animal Crackers and have your animals examine the uneven, creamy terrain of the ice cream before being devoured by a gigantic mouth monster!! XD (What, no one else did this with their animal crackers when they were kids? I dare you to say otherwise!)

Momofuku Ko
163 1st Ave (between 10th St & 11th St)

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“onto desert, i had been very excited by this first one since i heard it described to the people next to us, animal cracker ice cream with peaches in a peach soda. this was pure happy as a food.”–Christina N.


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