I am a big fan of the cobbler. One of those flexible baking recipes that can bend and mold to define whatever you had just put in the oven, a cobbler can be as simple as a fruit or savory filling covered with batter, biscuit, or pie crust, and baked. They are imperfect, messy, rustic, and absolutely delicious. I personally love to make cherry cobblers: I pit a bunch of Bing cherries and drop them, juice and all, into a baking pan, and cover it with a sweet batter. No matter the amount of fresh cherries I use or the proportions of ingredients, it always comes out smelling fantastic and tasting amazing. I particularly like it because I’ve found eggless recipes for the batter–an ingredient I always forget to restock once I’m out. And peach cobbler is such a classic that it’s tough to find any fault in it: it can be made with fresh peaches or canned, and any dough topping you like. I haven’t tried to make peach cobbler yet, but once the summer rolls around the the farmer’s markets start reaping more peaches than they can handle, I’ll definitely give it a try.

But if you’re not in the baking mood, there is one place in New York City that you just have to go for their peach cobbler. In fact, even the de facto official website for peach cobber–aptly, peachcobbler.org–recommends this Harlem bakery for their excellent cobbler. The place is Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too, and while you can get some great spoonbread there (too!) their peach cobbler isn’t one to miss. Cookied in the traditional Southern style, with tons of overripe, tender peaches and a hint of nutmeg in the brown butter dough. If you’re already heading to Harlem to grab a slice, go the extra mile and get it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top to add to the richness of the dessert. Just like the versatility of the dessert itself, you definitely can’t go wrong.

Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too
366 W 110th St


“Eli would like to know where is the best place to buy peach cobbler in NYC? Well obviously what tastes the best isn’t the same to everyone, but I have heard that the best place in NYC to get peach cobbler is called Spoonbread Two, which is on 110th Street.”–Peach Cobbler.org

“The Southern fried chicken here, with collard greens and mac and cheese, is the gold standard for all other attempts at comfort food. Peach cobbler puts other desserts to shame. And Miss Mamie’s Sampler—a platter of deep-fried shrimp, tender beef short ribs, and fried chicken—is enough to make a grown man, even an ex-President, swear off junk food forever. At least that’s what we hope Bill Clinton did after polishing off this very dish on a visit to Miss Mamie’s.”–Black Board Eats

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“The peach cobbler was amazing! I wish we would have gotten it with ice cream on top. It was nice and warm.yum”–Romi J.

“But the cobbler. Oh. My Gawd. It arrived piping hot and steaming, and was delicious from the first bite of cinnamon and over-ripe, broken down peaches to the last piece of doughy crust sopped in brown sugar and nutmeg-spiced butter. I have never had better cobbler (sorry, Mom!).”–Manon M.


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