Now I know what you might be thinking…we’ve done fondue before! And that is technically true: February 5 is Chocolate Fondue Day, where we celebrated the good chocolate masters at Max Brenner for all things liquid chocolate (and the lovely bites you dip into it, too!) Cheese fondue, however, is considered the more traditional way to fondue, dating back from the 19th century, where it was recognized as the Swiss national dish. (It was even used as a symbol of Swiss unity during and after World War II!) Traditionally, cheese fondue is made with a blend of soft cheeses (you really won’t find a reggiano fondue any time soon) with wine, seasoning, and sometimes cornstarch to help the viscosity. The combinations of cheeses and wines can make for endless culinary possibilities, and for subtleties in the flavors that can make a master chef out of a cheesemonger. True fondue isn’t just about dipping some bread into a hot pot of Velveeta; it’s an art form.

And the chefs at Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro are the master artists in cheese. When you’ve got “fromagerie” as first billing to your restaurant’s name, it’s a lofty boast, but they definitely deliver with every cheese plate they offer. A wide variety of cheeses from all over the world can be served to you here, in a number of delectable dishes–from omelettes to assiettes and their signature Artisanal Cheesecake. You can even buy their cheese straight from the shop, in platters, tins, or boxes to be shipped to your fellow cheese lovers around the country. But their crowning achievement is their cheese fondue: a multitude of flavor combinations means you can try out anything, salty, savory, sweet…cheesy to your heart’s content. The fondue comes with free bread for dipping, but patrons suggest shelling out the extra dough for the freshly sliced fruit–the sweetness of the apples and pears pairs nicely with a salty dip of manchego. Try their Artisanal blend for a first-timer to cheese fondue, that boasts a “100 blend” of cheeses. Seriously though, dipping bread and fruit into delicious melted cheese? Can you possibly go wrong?”

Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro
2 Park Ave

“Artisinal’s fondue types are each a world of love and allow numerous dippers, from apples to potatoes to beef tips. The house blend gratifies with caramelized notes of Comté and slightly acidic, resiny taste of Vacherin. The Gouda & Stout has a sweet-nutty-beery depth. Manchego & Chorizo’s buttery piquancy with the spicy sausage is gorgeous.”–CBS

Some reviews from

“I love fondue, and Artisanal is some of the best I’ve had. I just find it difficult to REALLY enjoy that lovely cold-weather dish when it’s so unseasonably warm – 50 degrees today, and I am pissed. I want my fondue… Please baby Jesus, make it snowy and cold so I can go to Artisanal, order fondue and feel normal instead of the fat pig that’s really living inside this body.”–Josh D.

“I always get a fondue to share for the table. This fondue is sooo good. This is exactly what Artisanal is known for and it should be required to order this at every visit to the restaurant. I usually get apples or fingerling potatoes to dip into the cheese fondue but its fine with just bread too. The french fries are also amazing. You can even go crazy and dip the salty crisp fries into your fondue, but no need to lose your mind. : )”–Elizabeth H.


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