Boy, am I glad that I was born on April 8th and not the 10th. 😛 One of my college roommates was born on April 10th and I would not want this national food holiday in exchange for my own. Because April 8th was greasy, flaky, hot National Empanada Day and today is…strangely specific Cinnamon Crescent Day. o-O Like having cinnamon rolls or buns was too general? The pastry had to be in crescent form? It’s not like cinnamon rolls have their own national food holiday (Sticky Buns do, but not plain cinnamon rolls) so it’s not like it would step on any other holiday’s toes. *shrugs* As it is, I couldn’t find any bakeries in New York City that sell rather exemplary cinnamon crescents. But don’t go sulking to the bakery shelf with a tube of Pillsbury and a shaker of cinnamon sugar just yet! I’ve gathered a few places to get that lovely cinnamon crescent flavor, the light, airy pastry spiced with just the perfect amount of cinnamon. They may not come in crescent shape, but hey, once those yummy morsels are in your belly, do you think your stomach can really tell the difference? 😛

If you’re looking for a specific baked treat, the only place to find it in New York City is the Ivy Bakery in Greenwich Village (by way of Bay Rige). There, Daniellan Louie provides over 500 daily options for cakes, cookies, breads, and any other delicious pastry you can think of. If you can’t find a cinnamon crescent here, you won’t find it anywhere in the city. 😉 They do have a delectable cinnamon roll on the menu at all times–but only available as long as no one buys them out! It’s good to get here early to catch a coveted cinnamon roll, or you can special-order one any way you like: Ivy Bakery is known for making diet accommodations for many of their baked goods, so gluten-free and dairy-free friends of the store can get whatever they want, and keep coming back for more!

Ivy Bakery
138 W Houston St (between Sullivan St & Mac Dougal St)

Some reviews from

“the cinnamon rolls are also ridiculously good.. especially when warm… I’m so glad they moved to Manhattan!!”–Sallina Y.

“The cinnamon buns are amazing as well, so are the muffins. Everything is super fresh and just right. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I’m more of a food person, so this review isn’t from a sugar loving fiend.”–Roselyn F.


But if the taste of a cinnamon crescent is what you’re looking for, and screw the flaky, light pastry texture of the original, then get your behind back to Momofuku Milk Bar (really, do I ever have to order someone to Momofuku?) I highlighted the innovative sweet shop once before for Milk Day, where diners slurp up gallons of their cereal milk-flavored soft serve. But they also have a cinnamon roll pie that, while not the same image of the cinnamon crescents we’re celebrating today, has the uncanny taste of cinnamon and sugar baked into a delicious pastry. NYC Food Guy likened it to a high-end transformation of Cinnabon, and I couldn’t agree more. A thick, brown-butter frosting atop a pillowy pie that’s almost cakey by definition, it’s more than just a cinnamon roll pie, it’s a dessert experience. I feel like David Chang can do no wrong, and he certainly hits it right on the head with this dessert, too.

Momofuku Milk Bar
251 E 13th St (between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave)

Some reviews from

“Cinnamon Bun Pie: The guy behind the counter advised us to pop it in the microwave for a bit before serving. That guy gets a gold star. It would have been good as it was, but when it was warm, it was a tangy, cinnamony, goopy pile of deliciousness.”–Kristina F.

“Cinnamon bun pie – You know I’m a big fan of the cinnamon, but the cheesecake filling shines thru on this one. Imagine if a cinnamon bun and a cheesecake had a yummy delicious baby.”–Elvir C.


I’m getting really good at finding food diet/preference alternatives for recent food holidays. It’s like doing a restaurant treasure hunt! All of the vegan fans of this board would be pleased to find that National Cinnamon Crescent Day isn’t relegated just to those who like a little egg in their crescent dough. Champs is a family-owned bakery in Williamsburg that makes quite the celebrated vegan cinnamon roll. Sticky sweet like a sticky bun, their cinnamon rolls are indistinguishable from their milk and egg counterparts. And don’t think that eating vegan will be eating like a bird: these cinnamon rolls are humongous, and will definitely keep your hunger satisfied (and have you wondering why you ever went to Cinnabon in the first place!) They also come in seasonal flavor combinations, so try out their mango cinnamon bun or the maple walnut for a wintery throwback!

Champs Family Bakery
176 Ainslie St (between Lorimer St & Manhattan Ave)

“The great food, generous portion sizes, and laid-back vibe make Champs the perfect place to work off that New Year’s Day hangover. Even if you don’t have time for a sit-down brunch, at least stop in for a coffee and one of Champs’ amazing cinnamon rolls.”–Examiner

Some reviews from

“The worst part about moving in a month is knowing that I will be SO far from Champs. I still need to try the sit-down brunch on the weekends, but what I crave, and keeps me coming back at every chance I get, are the cinnamon buns. I bring friends here to eat the buns, and bring buns to friends. Friends always thank me, and usually sit there chewing the sweet goodness with a furrowed brow asking how could this possibly be vegan?! I don’t know, I don’t care to know, just never. stop.”–Julia G.

“The roll was pure heaven, though. I haven’t had anything resembling a Cinnabon in a long time, but this knocked it out of the park. The roll tasted like it had pumpkin undertones in the bread, and the frosting was sweet without being too overly sweet.”–Asuka N.


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