What did I just say yesterday?? Hahaha. Caramel is such a versatile and fun (not to mention delicious!) ingredient that it’s used often in desserts, and is also celebrated often as a national food holiday. Yesterday was caramel day, but today is a little more specific: National Caramel Popcorn Day. Most of us know about caramel popcorn from the boxes of Cracker Jack we got as a kid (and bought primarily for the prize inside!) or typically one third of the huge tins of flavored popcorn you get around the holidays as a goft from someone who doesn’t really know what to get you as a gift. But you can have a decent, gourmet-level caramel popcorn, and you can most definitely find some of it in New York City!

Unfortunately, I already told you about the premier place for caramel popcorn in the city. 😛 Way back in January we had National Popcorn Day, where I recommended the chain gourmet popcorn shop around the city called Garrett Popcorn. There, they sell a very delicious caramel popcorn that tastes more buttery than syrupy-sweet, and it’s made fresh in house every day, so you don’t get the stale, hard caramel popcorn that sticks in your teeth (or, even worse, breaks off some of your fillings!) If you’re looking for the easy caramel popcorn answer, this should definitely be your first stop. 😉

But when do I ever look for the “easy” food holiday answer? 😛 And this upcoming recommendation is definitely not easy for most of you, transportation wise. All the way down the F line in Gravesend, Brooklyn, lies a little dessert and gelato shop in the shadow of the elevated subway (yes, they actually go aboveground in this borough!!) called Amori & Baci. The name and the decor are meant to remind you of a pretty Italian cafe in a slow-paced, peaceful European town–something you can definitely feel in this neighborhood, far from the bustle of Manhattan. They have a great variety of confections, cakes, and pastries, not to mention their vast array of homemade gelato flavors. One in particular brings it to note today: a caramel popcorn gelato flavor is a creamy, sweet caramel gelato mixed and garnished with fresh caramel popcorn. It’s got lovely textures and flavors to the gelato, and should definitely not be missed, especially if you’re looking for something a little different than straight-up caramel popcorn today.

Amori & Baci
273 Ave X, Gravesend


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“For desert I was going to get the creme brulee (my favorite ever) but I got tempted into trying the gelato flavors and once I tried I could not resist. They have some of the most unique and creative falvores I have ever seen. My favorite was the popcorn mixed with caramel gelato (like a creamy caramel popcorn), though I’ve sampled the rose which was equally good and tasted just like a rose smells.”–Amey Y.

“The best thing about this place is that they have weird flavor gelatos and sorbets. I had a white russian and mojito sorbet and i ordered a Tiramisu to go. It was all really great and pleasurable.”–Apple C.


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