Yesterday we had the sinfully rich and delicious Black Forest Cake as the national food holiday; today, we’ve got something a little lighter, but no less tasty. Even the name Lemon Chiffon Cake makes you feel lighter, an airy, sweet, citrus-y confection that brings lemon into pastries in a new and interesting way. Chiffon cakes haven’t actually been around for a long time, unlike the Black Forest Cake: what makes a chiffon cake a “chiffon” is using oil instead of butter, and adding stiffly whisked egg whites into the batter. The chiffon cake originated around 1948, and lemon chiffon was one of the first flavors invented.

Once again we return to a fine eatery in New York City that I had mentioned before, this time because they specialize in more than one delectable cake. Black Hound was highlighted all the way back in January for its exemplary Apricot Tart on National Apricot Day, but they also happen to make a mean lemon chiffon cake. Also called the Lemon Blossom Cake by the bakery, it’s a favorite among its patrons, especially those who look for fresh-tasting citrus desserts instead of the thick, rich chocolate desserts. The cake is even decorated with little lemon-yellow daisy blossoms made of sweet icing, hence the “blossom” on the cake 😉 If you didn’t overindulge on yesterday’s fantastic cake-related national holiday (like I did, ahem, no willpower), you will want to stop by the Black Hound for another delicious sugar fix.

Black Hound
170 2nd Ave (between 10th St & 11th St)

Some reviews from

“So how fantastic must the lemon chiffon be in order to have me be more interested in that instead of the other two chocolate cakes that were lying next to it. The cake was a beautifully decorated — a zen yellow with small orange blossoms on some thin branches. The filling was a delicious bright lemony and slightly tart flavor. The cake itself was quite nice — light and fluffy.”–Elle P.


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