March 19 – Chocolate Caramel Day

I’m gonna have to brace all the readers of NYC Food Days in the future: there are a lot of national holidays reserved just for caramel and caramel-related products. Makes you wonder what kind of lobbying power Big Caramel has in Washington. (But you know, I really can’t blame them. I mean, it’s caramel!) Today, March 19, is the first: chocolate caramel! The sweet, sticky, sometimes a bit salty caramel mixes so well with the richness of chocolate. It’s why you see the combination in nearly every candy bar out on the market! (Three Musketeers doesn’t count. That bar is just way too much nougat for anyone’s nougat threshold.)

The holy and delectable combination of chocolate and caramel can be found in more than just a Milky Way bar: it’s seen in all different types of desserts, from bars to cookies and even cakes. And no one in the city does it better than Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg: they make a chocolate caramel tart that has patrons and critics on both sides of the river raving about it. A tart filled with gooey caramel and covered in dark chocolate ganache sounds like the real way you were supposed to celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day. The dense chocolate and sweet caramel are offset by a sprinkle of sea salt on top of the tart, giving your palette an invigorating burst of flavor. The restaurant itself is known for being a bit of a local favorite, its cozy locale, and the limited menu. But the fact that they have few things on the menu means they’ve really mastered what they do make–and that’s clearly evident in their chocolate caramel tart.

Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway (between Berry St & Dunham Pl), South Williamsburg

“Brick chicken, half a chicken roasted under a brick, is exceptionally moist and consistently well seasoned. And a tart of caramel and rich chocolate ganache, finished with a scattering of gray salt, is as good a tart as there is to be had anywhere in New York City.”–The New York Times

“Many of the customers huddle over plates of house-made charcuterie and pâté, cheese, and olives, but every time I visit, which is often, I direct my attention to the specials board. The last time I was there, it listed a flat iron steak with herb butter; crostini of black-eyed pea purée, marinated radicchio, and golden raisins; black bass over clams, chickpeas, escarole, and chorizo; and a chocolate caramel tart sprinkled with sea salt. It is honestly curated homemade fare, and always delicious.”–Saveur

Some reviews from

“We finished up the night with a chocolate caramel tart topped with sea salt. The layer of caramel oozed out with each bite. This quite possibly could be my all time favorite dessert. With each bite, I sighed out loud, it was probably embarrassing but I was too busy to notice.”–Katie P.

“We had a wonderful dessert, a salted caramel chocolate tart: Order it! I order you to order IT! I’m not fond of dense chocolate desserts, but this was light, chewy, creamy, sticky, candy-cookie-like heaven. I don’t even live here, and I would come back for that dessert alone!”–Mary J.