March 18 – Oatmeal Cookie Day

The oatmeal cookie is a divine little thing, isn’t it? Usually overlooked for its sweeter companions like chocolate chip, the oatmeal cookie is a humble yet sweet confection, made in a variety of ways to include raisins, spice, or a number of other flavors that mix well with the thick, hearty texture of the oatmeal. It’s the cookie that makes you feel at least a little bit like you’re eating something healthy, yet delicious 🙂

One of the best places in the city to get yourself an oatmeal cookie, and celebrate Oatmeal Cookie Day, is the aptly named bakery Milk & Cookies in the West Village. Not only do they have oatmeal cookies…they have three different varieties! Their oatmeal raisin cookie is pretty typical and classic, but if you’re looking for some surprise in your cookie, try their oatmeal caramel or oatmeal cookie with sea salt. The salt makes for a savory surprise in the hearty cookie, exciting your taste buds in ways that a simple chocolate chip won’t do. All of the cookies and other baked goods at Milk & Cookies are made fresh every day, all throughout the day, with premium ingredients, so you know you are getting the absolute best cookie the store can provide. They even make a variety of their chocolate chip cookie with oatmeal baked into the batter, so even when you’re enjoying the most popular cookie on the block, you can still celebrate Oatmeal Cookie Day!

Milk & Cookies
19 Commerce St (between S 7th Ave & Bedford St)

Some reviews from

“Oatmeal raisin cookie: Yum. Delicious… Chewy, not too sweet.”–R.Y.

“honestly, as famous as levain is, they’re cookie ranks second in nyc to this one. it’s just how i felt at the time. maybe i’ll do another comparison, but i believe that this cookie had both the textures i loved from levain, but the oatmeal is what elevated this cookie to the top for me. you may argue that these are two different cookies, but as a chocolate chip, milk & cookies was the winner for me.”–Marjie T.