March 10 – Blueberry Popover Day

I am very sorry to say that I’ve never tried popovers before. A New England staple (they originated in Maine in the mid 19th century), popovers are a lot like Yorkshire puddings, making light, hollow rolls out of an egg-based batter. Although they originally were made with the leftovers from a hearty meat dish (including the drippings from a roasted pork!), they’ve now become more of a sweet pastry than savory, paired typically with fruit and whipped cream. No longer are meat-flavored hot rolls a popular dish in modern cuisine. (Which is a little disappointing, to be honest.)

And today celebrates the marriage of blueberries to this soft, fluffy treat! Finding specifically blueberry popovers in New York City, though, was a difficult task. Hell, finding popovers in New York isn’t a walk in the park! For the city that’s supposed to be a melting pot of cultures, the New England popover hasn’t really made a big impact here. (Where’s National Macaron day? I can get on that…) Chestnut, however, in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, has a great popover they serve all day with their freshly baked breads, and it’s surely not one to miss. The soft, buttery texture is reserved for the inside of the daily-made popovers, while the outside is crisp, to lock in the heat and flavor. Many patrons at this brunch favorite rave about the popovers as being the best thing in the whole restaurant! And if you have them with the complimentary jellies they provide (fish out a blueberry one if you can find it!), you can fudge the “blueberry” part of Blueberry Popover day quite nicely 😉

271 Smith St (between Degraw St & Sackett St), Gowanus

Some reviews from

“First and foremost, I have to say, I loved the popovers and jelly they give you for free before your brunch, that alone is worth coming back for.”–Lia P.

“In the spirit of cultural understanding, we learned that popovers are the same thing as Yorkshire pudding. No joke. At Chestnut, the popovers were the highlight of my meal.”–Claire F.