March 6 (Part Two) – White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Today also happens to be National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, which may excite some of you more than Frozen Food Day does, hahaha. (And I do not suggest killing two birds with one stone and buying frozen white chocolate cheesecake. So not tasty!) White chocolate cheesecake is like putting caramel and ice cream on top of a delicious cherry pie: you can never have too much of a good thing! Here, the luscious, creaminess of a cheesecake is only highlighted by white chocolate, sometimes swirled into the batter, other times used as a garnish on top. It makes for a unique cheesecake flavor that is different from both regular cheesecake and dark/milk chocolate cheesecakes, as it’s a milder, more subtle change.

For one of the best white chocolate cheesecakes in town, head to L’Express on Park Avenue South. This rustic French restaurant serves a cheesemake made from mascarpone, not ricotta, in the French tradition instead of Italian (or New York, for that matter!) Patrons rave about the difference, because mascarpone is a creamier, lighter cheese than ricotta, and lacks that sour tang you can get from ricotta cheese. A melt-in-your mouth slice is also easy on your wallet: even though the French restaurant has high-class prices, the cheesecake will only put you back $7 per slice.

249 Park Ave S (between 19th St & 20th St)

Some reviews from

“I also had a slice of the marscapone cheesecake…lettme tell you. I thought sicilian ricotta cheesecake was good, but marscapone cheesecake is even better. New York cheesecake has nothing on this bad sucker.”–Klaudia M.

“Our desserts, however, were delicious: she enjoyed her cup of chocolate, and I actually liked my white chocolate cheesecake, which is saying a lot. Our wine was also good, came in a convenient half-bottle, and provided us with a nice, warm buzz.”–Sylwia W.

Do you have a favorite slice of white chocolate cheesecake in the city we don’t know about? Share it with the class in the comments!