March 1 – Fruit Compote Day

Apart from it being Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, March 1 is also National Fruit Compote Day. Fruit Compote is incredibly easy to make, but difficult to master and make your own. A simple sauce of fruits, simple syrup, and spices can be made almost any way you like it, with peaches, apples, passion fruit…and the spices involved (from cinnamon to edible flowers) are endless. It can be used as a sauce, a complement to another dish, or even a dish itself, served as a dessert with whipped cream (yum!) As with a lot of food holiday foods, the possibilities with fruit compote are endless!

One of the imaginative ways you can find fruit compote around New York City these days is at Kyotofu, a Japanese dessert and confectionery in Hell’s Kitchen. Here you can find a number of traditional Japanese candies and desserts, as well as modern, Western takes on popular Asian flavors. One of their stand-out dishes here are their ice cream sundaes, served all-year round with different ice cream flavors and seasonal fruit compotes. Head there in the summer for green tea ice cream and a medley of summer berries; Thanksgiving time, and you’ll get pumpkin ice cream and a strawberry compote spooned onto the top. But on March 1, you get a rich chocolate ice cream topped with a compote made of winter fruits and squishy Japanese mochi. And since it’s a dessert bar, every sweet dish is paired on their menu with a strong sake drink that best complements its flavors. And, for all the vegans out there who got excited over a food holiday celebrating fruit compote, you’ll be happy to know that all of Kyotofu’s ice creams are soy-based–hence the “-tofu” in their name 🙂

A non-dairy Japanese ice cream bar that also serves liquor? Has this place come out of some awesome fever dream?!?

705 9th Ave (between 48th St & 49th St)

Some reviews from

“The sundae was a twist of green tea and vanilla accompanied by winter fruit compote, matcha mochi and vegan caramel. Just having a bite of the green tea and vanilla was enough to win me over. The green tea flavor was so potent, so flavorful, so delicious. the mochi reminded me of gummy bears but gone healthy. We topped the sundae off with the caramel which really brought the entire dessert together.”–Lauren L.

“My friends really enjoyed the sundae. The ice cream itself rich without being overly so. It’s served with brownies to be sprinkled over the top; the brownies add a nice crumbly texture along with the chocolatey goodness. It also comes with a fruit compote; ours was raspberry (full of raspberry jam, sweet-tart flavor, but with a thinner consistency.)”–JT H.

Do you have a favorite place in the city that serves a great fruit compote–either as a complement to a great dish, or as a dessert itself? Let us know about it in the comments!