February 22 – Cherry Pie Day

Sweet cherry pie!

There’s almost nothing like it: a warm, flaky crust and a light lattice of pastry draped over the top, filled with sweet, juicy cherries, for a mouthful of flavor so reminiscent of picnics in the park, summer celebrations and all things good and sweet. What’s so interesting about cherry pies is that they’re made with sour cherries, not sweet Bing varieties, so that the level of sweetness can be better controlled by the baker, and not the fruits themselves. (I instead use the sweet cherries for cobblers, cherry sauces, or, if they’re fresh enough, just pop them into your mouth and enjoy :-)) Typically cherry pies are best in the beginning of July when the cherry picking season is at its peak–and coinciding with Independence Day celebrations–but now that you can buy cherries any time of the year, cherry pies are available even in the winter, especially on National Cherry Pie Day!

One of the best cherry pies in the city goes above and beyond to get the best ingredients for their premium pies: Bubby’s Pie Company in TriBeCa makes their sour cherry pies from Michigan cherries–four pounds of them, to be exact. Every pie is home-baked with fresh, homemade ingredients, which includes a buttery crust and the cherry filling, which is accented with hints of almond and lemon. The sourness of the cherries makes this pie not overly sweet, and helps it stay firm yet fork-tender. A dollop of whipped cream on top, the way cherry pie should be served, doesn’t hurt this delicious slice at all. Many of Bubby’s patrons complain about the quality of their other dishes and their drinks, but my feeling is, if you’re coming to a place with “pie” in the name, that’s what you should go for and expect the best–and Bubby’s certainly holds up that end of the bargain.

Bubby’s Pie Company
120 Hudson St (between Franklin St & Moore St)


“Open since 1990, Bubby’s is a restaurant that offers American cuisine within a casual atmosphere. The Michigan Sour Cherry Pie has four pounds’ worth of sour cherries along with a dash of almond and lemon.”–USA Today

“Everything is made from scratch, and the rustic pie, with its bubbling fruit, is reminiscent of homemade pie in looks and taste. Each cherry pie is packed with four pounds of juicy Michigan sour cherries, and the flaky handwoven crust is made from fresh butter. The flavor is tangy and not too sweet, with a hint of lemon and almond. Served warm from the oven, it’s an all-American treat that looks as though you could have baked it yourself.”–Williams-Sonoma

“Bubby’s brand of comfort food has sated many a New Yorker over the years with slices of their sour cherry pie made with hints of almond and lemon.”–CBS 2

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Michigan Sour Cherry Pie – Wow – this is my favorite pie. Sweet, tart and full of juicy cherries with a flaky lattice crust. A must-have!”–Stephen C.

“About the pie, do you like butter and sour cherries? This was the first taste and the sour cherry pie was perfect. The pie was incredible – not syrupy and not soggy. It was topped with whipped cream. Double yum! Finally, I found a pie shop that understands my need for fresh sour cherry pie!”–Meghan F.