February 15 – Gumdrop Day

So, I’ve got to fudge this entry in the national food days’ calendar a bit. 😛 As the blog suggests, every day of the year, there’s a national food day to celebrate, from whipped cream to pistachios and even foods I’ve never heard of before. And most days, I can find a restaurant in New York City that excels in creating whatever dish is to be celebrated that day. But today, I’ve hit a complete wall. No one incorporates gumdrops into New York fine dining.

I feel like I’m trying to catch an episode of Chopped and gumdrops are the secret ingredient, hahaha. Yes, today is National Gumdrop Day, those tiny sugared candies made out of fruit-flavored gelatin and usually shaped like little sugar-coated bells. They’re delicious and full of nostalgia for penny candy stores and big bins of loose candy sold by the pound. But, try as I might, there are no restaurants that use gumdrops (or anything closely resembling gumdrops in concept, appearance, or taste) in their cooking. (Or, they’re just keeping it a very good secret from the rest of us.)

There is, however, somewhere very special in the city where you can regain that nostalgic feeling and celebrate national gumdrop day by popping a few of the candies into your mouth straight from the bag. Economy Candy Market in the Lower East Side is a tiny little storefront packed to the gills with chocolates, candies, and other confections from all ages of candy. From the now-illegal candy cigarettes of the 50s to retro favorites from the 70s and all modern forms of candy, this place has everything you could ever want. I’ve found it to be the perfect place for a gift for that finnicky family member everyone has who has everything and you never know what to get them for a present. It’s a thoughtful, inexpensive, and delicious way of hitting a gift right on the nose. And yes, they have gumdrops, both packaged old-school style and for sale by the pound. So while you’re there celebrating National Gumdrop Day, be sure to pick up a few other treats along the way 😉

Economy Candy Market
108 Rivington St (between Ludlow St & Essex St)