February 14 – Creme-Filled Chocolates Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Created to celebrate the Catholic patron saint of young lovers, VDay has become a huge deal in the United States and elsewhere for showing the person you care about how much money you’re willing to spend on useless pink and red colored items of fancy. 😛 It’s also a day where the entirety of society tells you you are incomplete and hopeless if you do not have a mate, and one who wants and/or gives you flowers or jewelry and heart-shaped candies at that. (Even when I do have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, I’m bitter about it! Lol!) Either way, it’s a time when chocolate bonbons are sold by the crateload, of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. From the humble Whitney sampler to sumptuous gourmet truffles, the chocolate bonbon has become a culinary symbol for Valentine’s Day, and with that, romance and love.

So I guess with this knowledge it makes it only logical that Valentine’s Day is Creme-Filled Chocolates Day, a very special kind of bonbon that oozes with technique, flavor, and…well, creme filling. It can be a liquid, creamy consistency, like Bavarian cream, or something thicker, like a ganache or nougat. There are a million different varieties of these chocolates and the chocolatiers in New York have really tackled the task. One of the most famous creme-filled chocolate bonbons these days is the Creme Brulee-filled truffle at Kee’s Chocolates. One of their signature chocolates, it’s been raved about by food critics, bloggers, and even the Food Network. Chocolatier Kee Ling Tong’s truffle was featured on the chocolate episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. If that isn’t a glowing review for the homemade chocolate and sweet creme truffles, I don’t know what is!

Kee’s Chocolates
80 Thompson St (between Broome St & Spring St)


“In addition to the fact that she uses fresh lychees, yuzu, and lemongrass and injects her creme brulee truffles with custard she makes herself, Tong’s creations feel charmingly homespun, obviously made by one person’s hand.”Gourmet Magazine

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“The best thing to buy is the creme brulee chocolate. I visited Kee’s at least 7 times this summer, and I’ve only managed to get a piece twice. They sell out quick but they’re completely worth making the trip out to this little choco store. The creme inside the chocolate is creamy and sweet, and perfectly complements the chocolate. It’s a must try!”–JJ L.

“Pop a Creme Brulee truffle in your mouth and smile. The paper-thin, delicate chocolate shell cracks open as a river of caramel creme oozes out a fissure and fills your mouth with sweet perfection. The flavor is spot on. Not too sweet and completely reminiscent of a Parisian dessert.”–Penny N.