February 10 – Cream Cheese Brownie Day

Well, after all of those deeply controversial, popular, and personal posts, here’s something refreshing: a national food day I don’t care about! 😛 That’s not perfectly honest. I can’t not care about something that has the word “brownie” in it, let alone “cream cheese.” The Cream Cheese Brownie is a simple enough concept: to cut the richness of the chocolate brownie, either cream cheese proper or part of a cheesecake mix is added to brownie batter in a marbled fashion. What comes out is something deliciously decadent: one bite of chocolatey brownie, the other bite creamy cheesecake. It usually comes out denser than a regular brownie, but the marbled appearance and the variations in taste make this kind of brownie popular–popular enough for a national food day!

You can find a wonderful version of this brownie at Grey Dog’s Coffee, where they serve marbled cheesecake brownies alongside their regular brunch, lunch, and dinner fare. Their baked goods are continually raved about, including their brownies, which give a hefty, sizable portion for their price. Head there with a friend to share, or a group to get a bunch of their pastries and try them all.

Grey Dog’s Coffee
90 University Pl (between 11th St & 12th St)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Don’t forget the chocolate brownie that’s marbled with cheesecake… so big I’m never able to finish. With the quick service, you can’t go wrong with this place for a filling lunch and a fun place to sit and eat it.”–Raven W.

“The ultimate dessert of the night was the marble brownie, which floored all of us with its creamy, rich texture and lovely flavors. It was totally awesome! I’m so happy I found this spot. It’s a place I want to go back to for a full meal, not just a dessert and coffee, and I think that’s a high compliment in itself.”–Benson Y.