January 23 – Rhubarb Pie Day

My family was never really big on the flavor of rhubarb: a strange, maroon-colored stalk as a raw ingredient, but sticky sweet when prepared, with a tangy tartness that cuts the swetness. They’ve also never been big on making pies. So, needless to say, I hadn’t tried rhubarb, much less a rhubarb pie, until 2008, when my friend Clio–it being in season, and upon hearing that I’ve never tasted it before–made a rhubarb pie. It was SO delicious: milder than a raspberry jam in its tartness, rhubarb has the perfect blend of flavor for the filling for a pie. It is usually tempered with strawberries in traditional pies.

The Dutch, a New American comfort food restaurant near NYU, makes a mean strawberry rhubarb pie that they serve with a dollop of buttermilk ice cream. The pies are baked fresh every day to preserve the fresh tartness as well as the sticky sweet flavor. I haven’t had another rhubarb pie since Clio’s fresh baked, but I’m definitely planning on going here to celebrate the national food day 🙂 Though I don’t know if this will measure up to that first bite–can anything measure up to the first bite you’ve ever had of something you’re crazy about?

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St (between Prince St & Houston St)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Finally, who can refuse a slice of rhubarb pie? The pie was a perfect finish with an appropriately tart rhubarb filling and what I would call a flaky but restrained (i.e., not super rich) crust.”–Jessica K.

“We ended the meal like the smug robber barons we aspire to be and shared a rhubarb pie with buttermilk ice cream. The menu tells me that fresh pie is baked on the premises daily, so I’ll be back to sample more.”–Crystal W.

Have you found a rhubarb pie in the city that absolutely bowled you over? Let us know about it in the comments!