January 17 – Hot Buttered Rum Day

Really, how can you go wrong with a hot, alcoholic, buttery drink on a cold day? Much like the Hot Toddy on January 11, the Hot Buttered Rum is a drink without a clear history, definitive recipe, or even a decision on the ingredients–except for rum, of course. Wikipedia suggests that it became popular during the American colonial era, when spiced rum from the West Indies became a hugely influential drink. The dark rum, which was made from molasses, could have been mixed with more molasses itself for that thick, syrupy texture. Historically Hot Buttered Rum didn’t necessarily require butter itself, but nowadays the recipes will include that, or some interesting substitues: a bar in Portland, Oregon, makes it with vanilla ice cream instead!

You won’t find a vanilla ice cream rum anywhere around New York, but you can find a pretty decent Hot Buttered Rum in Brooklyn, at Quarter Bar. It’s perfect for a blustery January day–which we’ve finally been getting around these parts this year!–and the drink is made with genuine spiced rum and real butter, making it a creamy, warm, delicious pick-me-up.

Quarter Bar
676 5th Ave, Windsor Terrace


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“…when it’s freezing outside and your undies are on the spin cycle next door, a flawlessly crafted Hot Buttered Rum will help reaffirm your belief in God.”–Malcolm K.

“I also watched him prepare several servings of Hot Buttered Rum, and regret that I didn’t order one for myself. On a cold winter evening, there’s something sensually comforting about a warm (alcoholic) drink.”–Anna T.