January 16 – Fig Newton Day

Many people have fond memories of the Fig Newton from their childhood. That chewy, crumbly crust, the sweet fig jam center, the texture so fresh and different from regular cookies. I admit I wasn’t into Fig Newtons until I was a teenager and my tastes matured a bit. But now I find them the perfect indulgence, and since they’re an uncommon fruit, I feel a little healthy eating them instead of nomming on chocolate chip cookies 🙂

Not a lot of restaurants in New York, however, consider the Fig Newton a high-end delicacy to be placed on their dessert menus, or even an ingredient worthy of reinvention. The vegan eatery Angelica Kitchen, however, makes a high-end vegan Newton, with the crust made with spelt. For a very reasonable price for homemade pastries, this fig dish is a complete hit. Since it’s spelt, the crust is also gluten-free, so perfect for the vegan gluten-intolerant foodie who just wants to eat something tasty.

Angelica Kitchen
300 E 12th St (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“And while I can go on and on about how perfect each of their entrees are, let me cut to the chase: DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT GETTING THE SPELT FIG NEWTON! For $1.50 you get one huge Newton filled with fresh fig. The gluten-free spelt crust is warm, nutty, and thick. I’m sure I can eat a few of these in one sitting if I you left me there for a few hours. So good.”–Natalie A.

“For dessert, I had the fig newton, which had a great flavor.”–Kurt A.