January 10 – Bittersweet Chocolate Day

I know the feeling: you check the national food day calendar every morning (well, at least I do, lol!) and on January 10 you see the beautiful word chocolate enshrined right at the top of the page. Delicious! But you first have to bear the weight of the word right next to it, which can turn an elated smile into a perplexed kind of pursed-lip half-frown. Bittersweet chocolate is the mixture of cocoa ingredients with little to no sugar or other additives (like milk) mixed in, so the amount of real cocoa product–liquor and butter–is high, making it a high-quality baking chocolate. It’s not so great to eat as a plain bar, though you can find some delicious dark and bittersweet bars in the grocery. The chocolate is best when used by bakers and chocolatiers to make some delicious, decadent bittersweet pastries and confections.

It only makes sense, then, to choose a great bittersweet chocolate cake to celebrate this particular national food day. And what better place to find one at a bakery aptly named The Best Chocolate Cake In The World! While many foodies disagree with the name, you have to admit a place has a bit of chutzpah to give themselves such a boastful title–and actually live up to the reputation it requires. Their bittersweet chocolate cake is made with 70% cocoa ingredients, making for a rich cake that relies on the taste of the chocolate to satisfy you–and not an overwhelming sugar rush you find in traditionally sweet chocolate cakes.

The Best Chocolate Cake In The World
55 A Spring St Ste A


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I tried the “bittersweet” chocolate cake and was happy with the level of “sweet” – not too bitter and not too sweet. In fact, if it was any sweeter, it may have been too sweet for my taste.”–Danielle C.

“My description equally fits in for both the traditional & bittersweet slice. Personally I am a dark chocolate fan, therefore appreciated the bittersweet much more than the traditional. For someone looking for the “sweeter slice”, choose the traditional.”–Melissa J.

Are you a bittersweet chocolate fiend? Know the best place in town to get a great chocolate cake, or other confection? Let us know about it in the comments!