January 5 – Whipped Cream Day

Most of us–me included–have been raised on whipped cream coming out of a pressurized can. (We have also been raised to tip that can straight into our mouths when no one’s looking despite expressly being told not to by our parents. I’m not alone in this, right?) Or, for those looking for a cooler, cheaper experience, went the “whipped topping” route, which–if you read the ingredients–has absolutely nothing in it remotely related to cream or dairy. Real whipped cream, however, is just that: frothy, fatty cream whipped up either by machine or hand to the perfect consistency (too little, you have frothy cream; too much, and you have buttermilk.)

Any pastry restaurant worth their salt will have their own homemade whipped cream on hand, and the restaurants in New York are no exception. Two such places reside in the heart of Queens: Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills and Yeh’s Bakery in Flushing. Eddie’s Sweet Shop, a local staple for over a century, makes all their own homemade creams–both whipped and iced–and their customers rave about both, rarely accepting one without the other.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills

Some reviews from Yelp.com:
“-Homemade Whipped Cream. The whipped cream doesn’t come out of a can or a tub. It is whipped up downstairs along with the ice cream and it is the perfect topping for any sundae or float or soda.”–Kelley M.

“The ice cream was deliciously creamy, and made even better by the homemade whipped cream that was scooped out of a metal mixing bowl from inside a beautiful vintage Frigidaire refrigerator. I was impressed with the whipped cream, because it was made PERFECTLY – it was like a cloud resting on top of the ice cream, and had either very little or no sugar (which paired perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream & hot fudge).”–Christina S.

For a pastry that includes whipped cream in its consistency (and not merely as a topping), Yeh’s Bakery in Flushing (translated from the Chinese as Red Leaf Bakery) has a whipped cream cake that’s well-loved among the locals. It comes with freshly made vanilla whipped cream, making the whole cake feel light and airy–which is a definite plus if you’re just starting a New Year’s resolution diet.

Yeh’s Bakery
5725 Main St, Flushing
no website

Some reviews from Yelp.com:
“The cream was whipped cream, light and refreshing. Layered on lightly and fluffy. This is how I’d make my cake if I were to make it myself, but seeing as to it was my Birthday I don’t have to.”–Sandy C.

“. And I love the whipped cream topping they make fresh every day. It’s light, airy, delicious and has just the right amount of sweetness. The cake itself is fluffy, moist and goes oh so well with the whipped cream. You can’t find another place like this in Flushing. All the other Chinese bakeries make good cakes, but no place makes them as good as Yeh’s.”–Christy Z.