January 4 – Spaghetti Day

It’s odd to find a national food holiday celebrating a pasta: mass-produced and prepared so effortlessly in the home, spaghetti could have the tendency to get overlooked and underappreciated in everyday cuisine. You’re much more likely to champion the complements to pasta–a homemade hearty tomato sauce, artisinal cheeses, the many varieties of meatballs–than the pasta itself. But in the epicurean world, the making of fine spaghetti is an art, one that charts back from Medieval Italian tradition.

You can find great spaghetti meals at restaurants in New York that highlight both the great qualities of the pasta as well as the dish as a whole. Lamarca Pasta in the Gramercy neighborhood leaves much to be desired in the way of decor, but its pasta dishes look delicious. They provide quite a few spaghetti dishes on their menu, including Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Con Pollo.

Know of a great place that serves an even better spaghetti dish? Or have a recommendation for homemade spaghetti somewhere in the city? Let us know about it!

Lamarca Pasta
161 East 22nd Street (between Lexington Ave and 3rd Ave)

Some reviews from Yelp.com:
“Everything was solid and I cleaned my spaghetti bolognese clean.”–Jane K.

“I’ve tried the tortellini bolognese several times and also the spaghetti con pollo (nice and garlicky, but in a good way), and a couple other things I can’t remember — all were very flavorful and the pasta not too soft.”–Andrea L.