January 3 – Cherry Filled Chocolate Day

One of the best places to find premium chocolate covered cherries in the city (not those Cella brand chocolates you find in a box at drugstores, or the Queen Anne ones you buy from your coworker’s kid’s candy drive) is Li-Lac Chocolates, a store in the West Village that has been making delicious chocolates and confections since 1923. The business has changed hands since its original owner died in 1972, but it still upholds the traditions and recipes of yesteryear. They sell a number of chocolate confections and fun bonbons for special holidays and occasions, including chocolate covered cherries.

Do you have a go-to bakery that makes these delicious confections? Let us know!

Li-Lac Chocolates
40 8th Ave (between Jane St & West 4th St)

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Best milk chocolate covered cherries in the world i have ever tasted.”–Papa B.

” While purchasing by the pound requires a small bank loan, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with reasonably priced individual selections like orange, raspberry, or coffee cream patties, chocolate-covered rum-soaked Maraschino cherries, mint bars, and French-style cream rolls.”–Gourmet G.