January 2 – Cream Puff Day

The popular go-to chain for cream puffs is Beard Papa’s, which can be found on the Upper West Side. Providing accessible pastries, the bakery makes different varieties of cream puffs at very affordable prices. They jazz up the traditional recipe by including flavored custards–including green tea, pumpkin, and strawberry creme. They “make” the cream puff for you as you order–meaning, they’ll inject your flavored cream of choice into freshly-baked ‘puffs. The most recommended flavor on Yelp.com is the Dulce de Leche, which sounds HEAVENLY.

Also I’m amused by how many reviewers claim the UWS location (there used to be one in NoHo but it closed a little while ago) is “way far uptown”, lol.

Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs
2167 Broadway (between 76th St & 77th St)

Some reviews from Yelp.com:
“The cream puffs are really well-made. The outside is flaky and light, and the inside is filled with a delicious, perfectly sweetened, creamy custard.”–Christy Z.

“The Dulce de Leche just took me by surprise. A combo of sweet vanilla cream and caramel goodness.”–Phil H.

Another place that (let me me honest) caught me by its name alone is Led Zeppole in the East Village. (I apologize that I’ve never been there before, but if I’m craving something sweet in that area, my stomach usually pulls me to Veneiro’s by default.) While the Italian pastry is the bakery’s namesake, the French cream puff is also very popular. Surprisingly for its kitschy name, Led Zeppole makes a pretty traditional cream puff–simple but delicious.

Led Zeppole CLOSED
328 E 14th St (between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)

Some reviews from Yelp.com:
“Try their Cream Puffs – the dough is absolutely amazing, doughy, chewy, fresh and melts in your mouth!”–Mehreen S.

“You bite into an ever so slightly crispy outside before noming on the chewiest, most supple inside which absorbed the cream as is began to melt (they make it all fresh as you order it, folks! No reheated friedness here!).”–Christopher M.

Do you know of any cream puff bakeries that make your taste buds melt? Share your favorite spots for cream puffs with us!

UPDATE: In 2013 Led Zeppole has closed.